Windows 10 Upgrade

(Please note; if you are considering upgrading to windows 10, please make sure your device is compatible. This can be done by looking on the computers manufacturers website)
Microsoft has made Windows 10 available as a free upgrade for compatible devices that are running genuine Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1 Update.
How to upgrade:

You can sign up for the Windows 10 upgrade offer in two ways:

  • Click a button in the Get Windows 10 app that says “Reserve my upgrade”, “Upgrade now”, “Upgrade later”, or “Schedule my upgrade.” The Get Windows 10 app shows up as a Windows icon in the notification area at the right end of your taskbar (the taskbar is the ribbon of icons on the bottom of your desktop).
  • During the set-up of a new PC, check a box that says “Reserve my free Windows 10 upgrade,” “Upgrade now,” or “Upgrade later.”

If you no longer want to be signed up for the free upgrade to Windows 10, you can change your PC’s status through the Get Windows 10 app. Open the app by clicking on the Windows icon on the right of your taskbar, click the menu icon in the upper left of the app, and choose “Change reservation status.”

If you do not like windows 10 once it is installed you can revert it back to the previous windows.
If it’s been less than a month since you’ve upgraded to Windows 10, you’ll be able to go back to your previous version of Windows from Settings > Update & security > Recovery
If you would like any help upgrading to windows 10, please feel free to visit us at 93 king st, Smithton or call 03 6415 4075.

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